About Us

The Concerned Citizens of Allendale is a 501c3 non-profit organization that owns and manages the John Fell House property in Allendale.  We are governed by a Board of Directors.

We purchased the 2.8 acre property on March 4, 2010 for $1.6 million from the then current inhabitant of the property.  Prior to that we worked for three years to prevent a developer from razing the house and surrounding buildings to build town homes.  The purchase was financed largely by a $800,000 Bergen County Open Space grant, and a $500,000 Green Acres Grant.   You can support the ongoing maintenance of the property with your donation.

One of our first priorities is to get the house in shape as part of our long-term restoration priorities.  We recently completed our  preservation plan which establishes our preservation priorities and enables us to continue to pursue grant funding for major projects on the property.

We want to grow the next generation of preservationists and environmentalists.  We use the home for educational programs, workshops, lectures,and as a meeting space.