A History of Allendale

“Allendale:   Background of a Borough”

By:  Patricia Webb Wardell

A special thanks to Ellie Hart for scanning all of the pages of this book for her Girl Scout Gold Award project.
These pages are available here for research and personal use only.*

Chapter 1      P.1-3
Chapter 2      P.4-10
Chapter 3      P.11-17
Chapter 4      P.18-27
Chapter 5      P.28-3
Chapter 6      P.36-50
Chapter 7A      P.51-67
Chapter 7B      P.68-90
Chapter 8A      P.91-107
Chapter 8B      P.108-122
Chapter 9A      P.123-136
Chapter 9B      P.137-150
Chapter 10A      P.151-161
Chapter 10B      P.162-172
Chapter 11A      P.173-183
Chapter 11B      P.184-192
First Families of Allendale – A      P.193-254
First Families of Allendale – B      P.255-318
First Families of Allendale – C      P.319-378

Appendix      P.379-383
Notes and Source      P.384-392
Index      P.393-398
Personal Name Index

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